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Catch, NYC

Catch, NYC

Catch, in Meat Packing, is one of my favorite New York restaurants.

1. The atmosphere is fostering the: "classic-New York, trendy restaurant" where it is cool to both be and be seen. Looking to run into millennial with deep pockets who are catching a bite before proper clubbing: Catch if your place.


(Ugh - I realize that the description might be slightly off putting to some, but the place truly is very cool - so I encourage you to give it a try yourself before saying "no")


2. The cocktails are very good. I recommend the cucumber X for all of my health-freaks out there - it will feel like drinking an approved by you green vitamins - but with a little kick. ;) That being said: you can't really go wrong with the cocktails.


3. The food (primarily sea food) is very good - but it is pricy.  But if you won't want to spend too much but still have a truly Catch-y experience...


4. ... order the desert. Their deserts (and especially XXXX) are amazing. XXXX is my all time favorite desert ever: think brownie, ice cream, milk chocolate, white chocolate, liquid chocolate - all in one, on simply just the best experience you can give your taste buds.



See you there! (= but actually, if you run into to me there or in any other place: please, please, please say hi - I love meeting you guys! <3 )




Link to the glorious dessert: you are welcome ;)




Weekend look

Weekend look

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