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Big City Life

Big City Life

Imagine a video where you are surrounded by countless amazing characters, with unique stories and something new to teach you, and you can go and speak to everyone of them. Sound awesome, right?

Life is like that, and life in a big city even more so.

Then why do so many people in New York, London, Tokyo, or any other big city feel lonely?
Because we are in this amazing video game in which we could do so many things, but the problem is that while we could...we don't. Seeing the crowds makes many of us realize the the possibility is there buy we are not taking it, we could have so many friends... but we don't.

It's time to change that. Below see my few tips on Big City (Less Lonely) Life:

1. Force yourself to say "yes" to social gatherings.

There has been a countless number of times, when I would get out off work on Friday, and the only plan that I want to fulfill is: get home. take a shower. put my pjs on. stay in them indefinitely. (Matter of fact happened last week - #tooreal). 

Sometimes the urge to get to bed wins and as long as it is sometimes and actually sometimes not "often" its ok. However majority of the time you need to tell yourself: I am going to get up, get dressed, show up and meet with people. The more often you say "no" to someone inviting you to spend time with them the less likely they are going to invite you again.

2. Figure out your hobbies, make time to pursue them and turn them into social activities:

Let's say you like jogging - ask people you know if they want to work out with you or if they have friends who you could join (for e.g., your co-worker's roommate is also looking for someone to go jogging in central park with)

Let's say you like reading - there is always a talk given about a book you have read of a neighborhood book fair, or a meeting with the author ect.

It's all about finding social versions of your favorite activities.

3. Reach out to people. If you invited someone over, that much more likely are they to think of you when you will be organizing a party.

4. Make yourself buys: since those are the tips for not feeling lonely , and not just how to make friends, a good idea is to keep yourself busy: the busier you are the less likely you are to feel like you are missing out on social interactions ... because you will have so many other things on your plate.

5. Pick up the phone: Call you sister, brother, mom, granddad, friend from college - they miss you, love you, and no matter from how far away they are there for you.



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